domingo, 19 de junio de 2011

My Heart Goes Boom As The Stars Go Blue,
Like A Sea Of Cell Phone Lights,
The Moon Gets Light As The Sun Goes down,
Somewhere Behind The Hollywood Sign,
Have You Ever Felt Like Your Living In The Shadows?
Have You Ever Felt Kept Down?
I know sometimes The It feels like a battle,
But it can turn around,
This is the Night!
I’m Feeling Alive
The Kick Drum Starts as the boulevard,
Fills up with all the boys and girls
From The Jersey Town to the L.A. Crowd,
They Hear Us all over the world,
Have you ever felt like Standing on a rooftop,
Have You Ever Wanted to Scream?
Everybody Dance, Burn it up till we Blastoff, 
Just like a Rockin Machine (Yeeahh!)

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